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Finding a happy place

The little things we do for ourselves and each other can provide bits of happiness as we strive to maintain a sense of normalcy in this sea of unknowns.

We hope this newsletter finds all of you in good health and positive spirits. Please know that we are thinking of all of you and look forward to every opportunity to serve you and be your happy place.

-Your Reneux Ohana
  • WHAT’S NEW – Additional safety & sanitation procedures
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WHAT’S NEW – Enhanced safety & sanitation

Increased measures to keep you safe!

We take the safety of our clients and staff very seriously and have implemented numerous safety protocols since the pandemic began – mask requirement for entry, limiting the amount of clients in the spa, temperature checks, PPE worn by our team, and extensive regular cleaning of rooms & equipment, to name a few.

We’ve since added HEPA Air Purifiers to each treatment room which cycle the room air 5x/hour and can possibly filter particles as small as the coronavirus.

We’ve also added fogging of each treatment room with hypochlorous acid, a non-toxic, EPA & FDA approved treatment that is proven highly effective against viruses such as the coronavirus. Hypochlorous acid is safe for skin, eyes, and lungs, while leaving no toxic residue or fumes.

We know we feel better with these added measures and want to assure you we’re always working hard to protect our Reneux Ohana.

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Ingestible skincare now available at Reneux!

Reneux is the first in Hawaii to offer these beauty supplements that work from the inside-out!

bendBEAUTY’s Anti-Aging Formula increases resilience of skin to UVA & UV light and has been shown to protect skin cells from UV damage in cell culture. Its clinically studied formula includes optimized ratios of EPA & DHA omega-3 fish oil, omega-6, gamma-linoleic acid, carotenoids, zeaxanthin, lutein, & Vitamin D3 which synergistically work together to provide antioxidant & anti-inflammatory protection. This helps to reduce skin damage from sun exposure, thereby improving your skin’s texture, hydration, redness, elasticity, & firmness!

BendBEAUTY’S Marine Collagen + Co-Factors booster powder is also available to further support skin, hair, & nail health.

We are offering 20% off up to 2 bendBEAUTY products until the end of September only!

Call us at (808)593-7844 to purchase bendBEAUTY and join the inside-out beauty trend!

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Which Reneux team member was born in Japan and lived there for the first 9 months of her life?

A) Ranee

B) Sasha

C) Dr. Tanabe

D) Michele

Answer will be announced in October!



(Which Reneux team member was a dancing prodigy during childhood)

October special is here!

Introducing SKINVIVE!

15 FREE Botox units ($225 value) when you purchase SKINVIVE

Offer valid until Oct. 31, 2023

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