June 2022 I Vol. 26

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Who's excited about summer?

We are! We’re looking forward to the season of beach days, barbeques, camping, music in the park, and all the fun activities summer brings!

So, grab your sun hats, put on your sunscreen, and have a blast! We hope to see you soon!

Your Reneux Ohana



Dear Dad

Thank you for all you did, and do!
We wouldn’t be us, without you!
A toast, a cheers, to all our rad dads!
We’ll cherish the times you made our hearts glad!
Giving props to our pops!

Old Dad



What is EMSculpt?

  • The first FDA-cleared device approved to build muscle.
  • Using high-intensity ElectroMagnetic Stimulation, EMSculpt builds muscle at a rate exponentially higher than any workout, thereby increasing muscle tone and enhancing fat reduction.

Think of it as the easiest high intensity workout you've ever done!


What are the benefits?

  • Increased muscle tone & mass
  • Enhanced fat reduction
  • Knowing you got a great workout in, without the sweat!

Which areas can I get treated with EMSculpt?

  • Abs/Butt/Biceps/Triceps/Quads/Calves

Can anyone do EMSculpt?

Most people are candidates for EMSculpt. However, those who have metal or electronic implants, cardiac pacemakers, are currently pregnant or nursing, and those who have undergone any surgical procedures within the last 6 months may not be eligible for treatment.

How frequently should/can I do EMSculpt?

For 1st timers, an initial series of 4 treatments scheduled 2-4 days apart is recommended.

Once your initial series is completed, monthly maintenance treatments are recommended to maintain and continue results.

Is there any downtime?

No downtime, but you may feel the same effects you would after a workout. Remember – EMSculpt just gave you a high-intensity workout, so you may feel a little sore or tight in the treated areas. Best to take it easy on those muscles for at least a day post-treatment.

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  • Coolibar is stylish sun protection that you wear!
  • Highest rated UPF 50+ guaranteed to block 98% of UVA/UVB rays
  • UPF 50+ sun protection that never washes out!
  • Ask us about our hats, masks, gloves, umbrellas, & more from our Coolibar selection!

Staff Trivia


Which Reneux renter can shaka with their toes?

Reply to info@reneuxmeddayspa.com with your guess, and all correct guesses will be entered into a drawing for a surprise product! Winner will be contacted in July!

Answer to last month’s trivia question:


Which team member played on the state all-star basketball team?

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