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We remain dedicated to all of the safety protocols we have in place to ensure your visits to Reneux are as safe as possible – this includes temperature checks and screening of every person who enters the spa (including team members), as well as thorough sanitizing of treatment rooms, common areas, and equipment after each use, and more. A deep cleaning of the spa is done every Sunday per usual as well. You are required to keep your mask on if you are doing a procedure amenable to that. In any case, your physician or provider will have a face shield and mask on to protect you.


Growth Factors & Microneedling

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma containing growth factors extracted from your own blood), AnteAGE (concentrated growth factors), and TNS Advanced+ Serum (the newest serum from Skin Medica’s topical line of growth factor products) emerge as the newest and most innovative treatments in skin care science.

At Reneux we offer PRP and AnteAGE applications for the face in conjunction with microneedling. PRP contains growth factors extracted from your own blood, while AnteAGE serum contains growth factors extracted from cells of young patients under controlled laboratory conditions. Both microneedling with PRP or AnteAGE help brighten skin, soften lines, and stimulate collagen and elastin production for younger looking skin – your provider will help you determine which one is best for you.


Growth Factors & Hair Restoration

We also inject PRP into the scalp which may promote hair growth by stimulating increased production of hair follicles and lengthening the growth phase of hair.

In addition to PRP for hair restoration, we highly recommend complementing treatment with Nutrafol, a supplement proven to encourage and maintain hair growth. Incorporating Nutrafol with PRP Hair Restoration treatments can help to optimize results.


Growth Factors & Topical Treatments

Skin Medica pioneered the use of growth factor technology in their highly touted TNS skin care line. Their newest product, TNS Advanced+ Serum, a dual peptide, antioxidant, and growth factor serum combination represents the culmination of science and skin care with high concentrations (93.6%!) of stable growth factors that aim for younger looking skin starting at 2 weeks of use! For those of you who remember their previous growth factor serum, you’ll be happy to know the new version is virtually “scent free!”

Try the new TNS Advanced+ Serum in July and receive $40 off plus a free HA5 (a $120 value and Skin Medica’s best selling time released hyaluronic acid hydrator) or a sample set of Skin Medica products until supplies last!


Growth Factors

MYTH: Topical growth factors only benefit us when we’re older.

FACT: Anyone with visible signs of aging can benefit from

growth factors!

MYTH: Topical growth factors are just hype and don’t work.

FACT: Topical growth factors have been in use for over 10 years – the science and technology behind them has only gotten better resulting in more stable and effective products and procedures.


Which Reneux team member is fluent in Mandarin and also speaks a little Russian, German, & French?

A) Chelsea

B) Noreen

C) Taylen

D) Sasha

Find out the answer in our next newsletter!


(Which Reneux team member worked for a private investigator in high school)

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