AUGUST 2023 | VOL. 39

Our Hearts Are With You, Maui

100% of our proceeds on Sat., Aug. 19
will be donated to the following organizations:

We are sending all our love to those affected by this unprecedented disaster. While this is only the beginning of the road to recovery, we hope that together, we can do what we can to help along the way.

If you would like to donate directly to these organizations, please visit links below.

XOXO, Your Reneux Ohana

Maui Strong Fund

In response to the devastating wildfires on Maui, the Hawai’i Community Foundation has activated the Maui Strong Fund to provide flexible resources to support Maui residents. Funding will address evolving needs, including shelter, food, financial assistance, and other services as they are identified by on-the-ground partners doing critical work on Maui.

HCF will not be collecting a fee for donations to the Maui Strong Fund; 100% of the funds will be distributed for community needs.

Maui Humane Society

Maui Humane Society is expecting an inundation of hundreds of animals who have been burned, lost during the evacuation process, and those in need of critical care due to smoke inhalation.

Maui Humane Society is asking for help as the island grapples with the unprecedented and catastrophic impact of the ongoing Maui fires. The fires have left thousands of both humans and animals displaced, causing immense distress and creating an urgent need for solidarity within the community.

Funds will allow us to perform lifesaving medical procedures and purchase supplies for families that have lost everything, so they can keep their animals with them.



News to help you look and feel good!




What is it?!

Microneedling creates thousands of “micro” skin punctures that stimulate your body’s natural wound-healing process to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out.
The remodeling that takes place has been clinically proven to improve the appearance of acne scars, large pores, fine lines/wrinkles, texture, and strech marks.


Schedule a free consultation and see if exosome microneedling is right for you.


What are the benefits?

Improvement to the appearance of:

  • Texture and pore size
  • Skin lesions and acne scars
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots
  • Hydration and overall brightness
  • Redness and irritation
What area(s) can be treated?

Face+neck for now with other areas on the way!

How often should i get this treatment?

For best results, we recommend receving 3 consecutive treatments, 1 month apart.

How is it different from other micreneedling treatments?

Exosomes contain concentreated amounts of growth factors; in fact, they have 3x MORE than stem cells. It will help to maximize regenerative potential and increase healing. just 1 treatment with Exosomes is equivalent to 2-3 treatments with AnteAge Microneedling Serum. Lastly, its anti-inflammatory properties will help to minimize redness which helps to reduce downtime.

Is it safe?

We use the SkinPen which is the first FDA-cleared microneedling device on the market! It is clinically proven to be effective on all skin types.


Schedule a free consultation and see if exosome microneedling is right for you.

After Before
Ask us about Alma TED!

It is a non-invasive, pain-free hair restoration treatment.

With the power of ultrasound waves, the proprietary Hair Care Formula is delivered deep into the skin to stimulate hair follicles to produce thicker, stronger hair while reducing hair shedding.


Pair your Alma TED or PRP Hair Restoration treatment
with the hair-supporting products we have available.


Hair growth supplement taken daily. 100% drug-free and physician-formulated for visibly thicker, faster-growing hair.


Hair serum applied daily. Formulated with Ashwaganda and exosomes, this serum boots cell renewal to active thicker, stronger hair.


Hair serum applied daily. Revitalizes the scalp to help the hair follicles flourish resulting in less shedding, improved overall hair and scalp health, and addresses the appearance of grey hair.




Which team member likes video games and can spend 12 hours a night playing them?

A. Taylen
B. Deidre
C. Erika
D. Julia

Reply to with your guess, and all
correct guesses will be entered into a drawing for a mini
Skinceuticals HA Intensifier!

Winner will be contacted in September!

Answer to last month’s trivia question:

Dr. Tanabe!

Which Reneux team member loves tortoises?