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Sending some joy your way during uncertain times

Reneux welcomed our newest family member, Maya Arakaki (pictured above with Dr. Arakaki), earlier this month! Needless to say, she is definitely brightening up the Arakaki household with her adorableness!

As we navigate these ongoing changes, we are committed to keeping in touch. It is our goal to provide you with safe and effective options to keep you looking and feeling your best! We hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy and look forward to seeing you soon!


A safe alternative to the gym during COVID-19!

Imagine an effective muscle-building treatment that is the equivalent of 20,000 abdominal crunches in 30 minutes while lying down in a clean, cool, relaxing spa environment. Look no further and try EMSculpt at Reneux!

EMSculpt is a great procedure to tone and build strength in the abs, triceps, biceps, buttocks, calves, and quads. Voted “Worth It” on leading aesthetic websites, EMSculpt treatments are a great way to get your workouts in the safety of Reneux’s protected environment – you are able to keep your mask on during the entire treatment. Call us for a free consultation with one of our physicians!

WHAT’S NEW – Restylane Kysse

Get Kysse-able lips!

Finally, a product has arrived with everything we want in a lip filler! Fuller, softer, and more natural looking lips in a flexible hyaluronic acid gel filler can be yours with Restylane Kysse!

FDA approved in March 2020, versatile Kysse lasts up to 1 year and gives you soft, subtle improvement to the lip area from the first day of injection. Compared with other lip fillers, less Kysse is required to achieve optimal lip enhancement with minimal day-after swelling. It can also be used to smooth lines around the lip area as well. For August we are offering $100 off your first Kysse syringe! If you can’t make it in August, pre-paids are welcome!


Lip Fillers

MYTH: Lip filler will make me look like a ridiculous reality TV star.

FACT: Most times, less is more in the case of lip filler. A natural-looking, fuller lip with more definition
can often be achieved with 1 syringe of lip filler.

MYTH: Once my lips start “folding in” nothing can be done.

FACT: Lip filler can achieve a fuller lip even once “folding in” occurs! Loss of fat padding and bone thickness as we age causes the “folding in” appearance, but additional filler can be injected around the mouth area to support the lip, making full lips possible again!

MYTH: Putting lip filler in lines above the lip will make me look like a duck.

FACT: There are softer, more flexible fillers like Volbella, Refyne, and now Kysse which can fill and smooth lines without adding unwanted fullness in the treated area, to avoid the “duck” look.


Which Reneux team member was a dancing prodigy during childhood?

A) Chelsea

B) Noreen

C) Michele

D) Sasha

Find out the answer in our next newsletter!



(Which Reneux team member is fluent in Mandarin and speaks a little Russian, German, & French)

October special is here!

Introducing SKINVIVE!

15 FREE Botox units ($225 value) when you purchase SKINVIVE

Offer valid until Oct. 31, 2023

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