Semaglutide-assisted Weight Loss

by Dr. Martha

Welcome to the Dr. Martha practice, where we combine the holistic naturopathic and primary care frameworks with the screening, diagnostic, and treatment tools of modern medicine for a synergistic, comprehensive, evidence-based, data-driven, and patient-centered approach to personalized healthcare!

Known as the Weight Loss Whisperer, Dr. Martha’s approach focuses on something we like to call cardio-renal-hepatic-metabolic and mental health. This means taking a baseline inventory on the status of how your heart, kidneys, liver, metabolism (including all your hormones – from sex hormones to thyroid hormone, stress hormones, and gut hormones – which collectively control energy balance, body weight, and cardiovascular health!), and mental health are faring so we can better understand your individual health risk factors and identify opportunities for changing your health trajectory to achieve your personal wellness goals.

Whether you’re looking for hormone replacement therapy, weight management, or improvement with weight-related medical conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, kidney disease, chronic inflammation, or mental health concerns, we’ve got you covered! When you become a patient with us, we review your personal baseline health data with you during your first few visits so we can learn about your health together, understand your preferences, and partner with you in creating a custom treatment plan that emphasizes prevention while bringing your cardio-renal-hepatic-metabolic and mental health into greater balance as quickly, effectively, and affordably as possible while also having fun along the way!

As a results-driven practice we genuinely want to know that our approach is actually working for our patients. How do we know that aside from what patients report? We measure and track things over time to see how each person’s health data is trending! For example, while our patents generally report feeling and looking better in about a month, by the 3-month point we can actually prove they’re getting measurably better because we can compare the results with various baseline data points and health markers. Within a year, most patients experience a life-changing health transformation and feel empowered to sustain their results over time with occasional support. They say things like, “you really changed my life!” or “you saved my life!”

Partnering with people to give them the help they really want and need so they get the results they actually want and value renews their hope for a healthier, happier, more harmonious future. We like to practice “healthcare by invitation,” because instead of telling people what to do, we make it our mission to find out what people actually want for themselves when it comes to their own life, their health, and their body. From there we practice healthcare with heart as we shepherd, support, and partner with our patients in service of achieving their goals, which is also very rewarding for us because we get to witness the transformations firsthand and see the healing power of a high-trust therapuetic patient-physician relationship.

The first visit usually takes about 90-120 minutes, costs $350, and patients can expect to leave with a comprehensive treatment plan in hand. Follow up visits usually take about 30-60 minutes and are $175. Because we are a new clinic (just opened June 1st!), we’re offering a new patient discount of 15% off the first visit plus 1 free month of prescription semaglutide-assisted weight loss medication (assuming someone is a candidate and wants that). There are no membership fees or contracts so patients are under no obligation to continue with us after the first visit if they choose not to – though we pride ourselves on good service and sincerely hope that won’t be the case!

For people ready to take control of their health, participate in making informed decisions, and receive thorough, holistic, individualized care that goes beyond the typical medical experience, we invite them to become a patient themselves and discover the benefits of getting on their very own personalized “Martha Plan”!

To get started on your own wellness adventure please visit our website at and submit a request to become a new patient or simply text us at 808-210-4382 for more info!

Interested potential patients should contact Dr Martha directly if interested in info/services: Best way to contact us is to submit a request through our website or text us at the number below.

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